Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CLICK July 2009 (Bi Colour) : Lengkeng

Lengkeng or widely known as Longan is one of the fruit specifically growth in South East Asia. In Indonesia some people call Lengkeng as Kelengkeng or Mata Kucing (Cat's Eye). This is one of my favorite fruit. When it comes the season, you can buy a bag of Lengkeng for less than 1 US dollar.

Lengkeng has a very sweet taste and very unique fragrant. In Middle Java Island, some farmers produced a honey called Madu Lengkeng or Lengkeng Flower Honey. I love this kind of honey. The taste is not too heavy , less sweet, and the color is much brighter than the common honey.

So here's my entry for this month's CLICK Event by Jai and Bee. Hope you like it.

Aperture Priority & Super Macro Mode
EV -2
ISO 100


Dwiana P said...

Mir, gw demen sama foto lo ini. simple but nice!

Mira Assjarif said...

Aduuh jadi mau pingsan dipuji Senior.. huhuhuhuhu.. Thanks yah Mba Dwi.. *gemeteran.. :D