Friday, August 6, 2010

French Macawrongs

http://www.smileycodes.infoThey hate me.
They hate my old traditional oven. They hate my electric oven. And yes that would be mean they hate me. Definitely.. 


Step 1 :
Using the whole unpeeled almonds was a bad idea. The taste of the macawrong become too thick and floury. I'm thinking of chewing a coconut macaroon. Kind of..

Step 2 :

They should come with some pretty result. But.....
They're all turned out to be a bunch of ugly Macawrongs.


And macawrong..

And another macawrong..

Look at that. The feet traveling to the head. Nice...

I was studying carefully on this tutorial.

Mixing the almond flour + icing sugar :

Baking french macaroons, see the differences :

And the whole idea :

But none of them seems to work after each batch is baked. So I'm end up with a conclusion that good oven with a stable temperature is a BIG DEAL for making this super troublesome cookies.


http://www.smileycodes.infoI know I should (or will?) get better next time. But not in the short time because I hate French Macaroons for hating me.

Ironic. I made this logo but I don't make it. Life is not fair.


Monica Adriana said...

setujuh!! my french macawrong hates me too mbak! haha. hasil penampakan macawrong nya sebagian besar kyk percobaan2ku mbak. ayo, qta harus bikin lagi dgn penampakan yang lebih bagus mbak mira.. :D

Vierly said...

Mir... itu sm bentuknya yg dulu bikin gue stres..hehehe.. sampe sekarang msh males nyoba lg tapi tetep penasara...

Sofie said...

soal suhu oven setujuh seratus porsen deehh.. bahkan oven gas yang udah diganjel pintunya pun bikin gagal si makaron hehehe...